What is Precision Farming?

Precision Farm Data Management uses GPS to observe and respond to several components of each field. With the use of GPS, we are able to gather information to help guide equipment movements more accurately, provide precise positioning for equipment actions and chemical applications, and analyze and compare received data. There are several components involved in this process. A few are listed below.


Our Apex program allows us to draw or drive your boundaries. Field boundaries, pivots, roads, yards, and wetlands can all be meticulously mapped to assist in farm planning.


A prescription map tells the controller how much product to apply based on the location of the equipment in the field. We can provide seeding, fertilizer, chemical and/or product mix prescriptions.


An A/B line, also known as a guidance line, is a straight line between two points that defines a series of wheeling across the whole field. This line is used in the guidance system to show the driver where to steer in order to cover a field at the spacing required for the implement being used without overlapping or underlapping.

Crop Insurance Maps

Crop Insurance Maps are an accurate field measurement that allows you to eliminate paying for insurance on non-planted land and increase you APH and insurance guarantees.


At the end of harvest, a report will be made and given to you for your records. We can provide reports for Harvest, Seeding, Fertilizer, Chemical, Product Mix, Harvest Varieties and Seeding Varieties.